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If you haven’t booked your Celebrant yet, then until you do, you’re just having a fabulous big party! I could be wrong, but the fact you’re looking at this website suggests there’s a wedding being planned. So if you’re thinking of holding it on Mt Tamborine then it’s good to talk to a Celebrant who also loves this part of the world as an ideal wedding destination. On the mountain you are spoilt for choice.

The most important occasions in our lives are often established with a ceremony. It is vital that this ceremony be what you want and what you choose. A wedding is a momentous occasion, one of the most significant times of your life and therefore holds many precious memories for years to come. Let me help you create a ceremony that will leave lasting, beautiful memories, but above all, be exactly what you want and unique to you.

I look forward to helping make your ceremony a wonderful occasion for you, your family and your guests. A time you will remember with a smile, because it was a stress-free, fun and joyous occasion – all that it should be.

Please note: If you’re after a ceremony that is serious, stuffy, uptight, impersonal and without laughter then please contact someone else as I have no idea how to do those!

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